Pakui Hardware, Breed, ArtBasel Parcours at Novartis Campus, Basel, Switzerland, 2021. Parcours program is curated by Samuel Leuenberger.

For their first presentations at Art Basel Parcours, Pakui Hardware presented a newly devised commission created specially for the Novartis Visitor Center (designed by Peter Märkli, 2006)

"Breed" transforms the site into a breeding ground for new forms of life. Curtains on a circular rail enclose the three sculpture groups, the fabric’s color and tactile quality reminiscent of a kind of skin, giving the sculptures a translucent corporeality.
Pakui Hardware have installed in each of the groups an incubator and research station for new forms of life that might grow in the organically shaped, large, fiery red and dark gray glass vessels that refer to laboratoric test tubes. Breed invites audiences to speculate what new forms of life can be and would be growing in the large, amorphous glass vessels, reminiscent of human limbs.