Fenêtreproject & Pakui Hardware

Exo Exo, Paris, 2015

After a few hours she dozed off and dreamed of bacterial buildups inside the bodies within the trench braves. Biofilms, what most people thought of as slime: little industrious bacterial cities reducing these corpses, these once-living giant evolutionary offspring, back to their native materials. Lovely polysaccharide architectures being laid down within the interior channels, the gut and lungs, the heart and arteries and eyes and brain, the bacteria giving up their wild ways and becoming citified, recycling all; great garbage dump cities of bacteria, cheerfully ignorant of philosophy and history and the character of the dead hulks they now reclaimed.

Bacteria made us. They take us back in the end. Welcome home.

Greg Bear, Darwin’s Radio, 1999

Liquid monumentality
Bacterial Exchange
Matches No Known Organism

A first collaborative show of Fenêtreproject & Pakui Hardware.

Photo credits: Ugnius Gelguda
Courtesy: the artists