Pakui Hardware, solo show The Host at Eastcontemporary, Milan, Italy, 2021
Critics’ Picks by Ana Vukadin, Artforum, 2021

"Host is the first solo exhibition of Pakui Hardware in Italy. It takes place at eastcontemporary transforming the Milanese gallery into a clinic. The space becomes a contemporary medical centre where the most gruesome and carnal elements of human body are condensed into shiny and impenetrable sculptural forms. A certain morbid taste for dissected and sutured anatomies gives way to a colder and more rarefied atmosphere. Rembrandt’s Doctor Tulp, Mierevelt’s Dr van der Meer, and Caravaggio’s tooth puller would have been amazed, and also maybe a little bit frustrated, when faced with the advancements of modern technology. They would also be partly relieved to discover that they do not have to perform an open-heart surgery with their bare hands anymore." - an excerpt from Francesco Urbano Ragazzi text for the show.

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